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SciFi Film Festival is asking for Volunteers for their SciFi Con event who are willing to provide their time and efforts to help deliver the necessary behind-the-scenes action for the festival to be a success. Not everyone can be a Volunteer as there are certain criteria for who is accepted and particular roles for some Volunteers with particular skills or experience.

What requirements are there to become a Volunteer?

To become a Volunteer, you:

  • are 16 years of age or older
  • able to volunteer on Saturday 31 October 2015 
  • attend a briefing session held before the openning of the event
  • complete the online Volunteer Application form by due date
  • display understanding and sensitivity of the customs, personal behaviour and dress of other cultures present
  • agree to abide by the terms and conditions included in the Volunteers Application form, including the Statement of Undertaking

Do I get paid during the SciFi Con event?
No. Unfortunately we do not pay any volunteers in any role, though food and drinks will be supplied to you for lunch on the day.

Are there benefits to being a Volunteer?

Actually, yes! The benefits include:Free entry into the event

  • A Volunteer t-shirt and ID badge commemorating the event (conveniently doubles as a uniform!)
  • Having free lunch provided on the day of the event
  • Discount vouchers – outlets to be announced.
  • Being involved with an exciting community of buffs, enthusiasts and creatives
  • Experience informal training in the management of an event like this
  • Plus, the opportunity to explore the world of sci fi along the way

Is there a briefing I am required to attend?
Yes. All Volunteers are required to attend the briefing prior to the event, no matter where you are coming from. If a Volunteer does not attend this briefing they will not be recognised as a SciFi Con Volunteer and may not act on our behalf on the day. Once your application has been processed, you will receive full details of this briefing via email.

What is involved in the briefing?

The briefing is important to Volunteers because:

  • Volunteers physically meet the Volunteers’ Coordinator and other team members of SciFi Con
  • Site visit to build familiarity
  • They receive the official badge designating them as Official Volunteers of SciFi Con
  • The lunch vouchers are distributed to each Volunteer
  • Roles and tasks are allocated according to the age, experience and ability of each Volunteer

How do I know I have been accepted as a Volunteer?
First step is to submit your online Volunteer application form before the closing date. Once the online applications have closed, our team will inform you by email if you have been accepted or not.

May I request a particular role or task I wish to volunteer in?
Yes, you can. Please select your preferences (you cannot choose the same one twice) and we will endeavour to place you into your 1st or 2nd preference.

In some cases, friends who wish to be placed together may be able to stay together, though we can not guarantee this.

We reserve the right to select the roles for any Volunteer, depending on their skill or experience, however, please be sure to ask in case we can arrange it.

Any other questions?
Contact the SciFi Con Coordinator via info@scififilmfestival.com


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