THE SIMILARS – 89mins – Buy Tickets Here
Sunday, 23 October 2016 at 4:45pm
Distributor: ACCENT
Director: Isaac Ezban
Cast: Luis Alberti, Carmen Beato, Fernando Becerril
Synopsis: With an ingenious sense of sweep and imagination proving that pastiche can be an art form in itself, director, Isaac Ezban’s heady blend of trippy sci-fi, ink-black noir, eerie horror, and dog-eared pulp fiction daringly posits style as substance. Wearing its influences all over both of its sleeves, The Similars begins on a stormy night in 1968, with a group of strangers stranded together in a bus station as a torrential downpour outside heralds the arrival of something strange, and very, very dangerous. Like an episode of The Twilight Zone with a madman at the helm, The Similars echoes so much while remaining truly original.

THE SIMILARS – 89mins – Buy Tickets Here


THE SIMILARS – 89mins – Buy Tickets Here

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