Project SciFi – A seriously cool scifi film competition

Project SciFi – A seriously cool scifi film competition

If you had the power to make a film in any time or place in the Universe – where would you choose? Another planet or perhaps another time or reality on Earth?

SciFi Film Festival is running Project SciFi again for filmmakers, animators and machinimatographers, to make the film you’ve always wanted to make, watch it on the big screen, and… win cash and prizes.

Project SciFi is a global film challenge and begins in your local city at 7pm (19.00) on Friday 19th September 2014. Filmmakers have 30 days to write, shoot, edit, score, produce and upload their creative masterpieces.

Did you know, the most popular and highest grossing films in the world are Science Fiction? With the exception of Titanic, the top 5 most popular films are Avatar – The Avengers – Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows Pt.2) – Iron Man 3 – Transformers: Dark Moon.

We understand that not everyone has a million dollar budget to create films, so the SciFi Film challenge is not about big budgets… its all about the idea!.

Some of the most original sci fi films have been all about the idea… The Day the Earth Stood Still…. Moon…..The Man Who Fell To Earth… PI… and of course… Mad Max.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a team together, find some basic filming equipment and editing software and register your team now! You will have 30 days to complete your film so even busy people can join….for further information visit Project SciFi

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