On a dark and stormy night in 1816, a teenage girl sat down and invented science fiction. Since Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein more than 200 years ago, many content creators (from writers to filmmakers, artists to interactive producers and thinkers to futurists) have explored imaginative concepts.

Content creators are expanding our imagination, exploring the impact of actual or imagined science and technology on society or individuals, and they plant the seeds of great advances, e.g.:

  • Lucy imagined what if our brain worked at 100% of its capacity or Inception, the mind-bending phenomena exploring levels of reality and perceptions of reality
  • Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein to Orphan Black clone’s, warning of the dangers in science and technology
  • from pocket size communicators to Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 ‘Newspad’, first envisioned in 1968 where astronauts use tablet computers to watch TV and read newspapers, or going to Mars

The seed of the idea to create the SciFi Film Festival grew out in part from the positive feedback we received from filmmakers, stakeholders, audience and cosplayers at our Project SciFi awards ceremony and after party.

And, the immediate registration of the ideal international branding and premium, domain name and extension www.scififilmfestival.com, social media usernames, hashtags #scififilmfestival and the business name SciFi Film Festival (SFFF), as a not for profit creative enterprise.

Since 2014, our year round committee and organising team, design, develop, deliver and review the SFFF program of screenings, events and sideshows. We love to watch sci-fi films and keep up to date with science and technology, but we are also curious about the future.

The festival brings together the best science fiction and fantastic films from around the world. Our curated festival program includes everything from screenings to gala premieres, workshops, discussions, interactive game experiences, VR/AR presentations, exhibitions and a lot of quirky events and fun parties.

We offer a high quality line-up of carefully selected feature films, short films and media art. The festival’s focus is on recent work by talented indie filmmakers. However, within our program we also present mainstream films, retrospectives and provide opportunities to meet with filmmakers and content creators via Q&A’s, panels, etc.

Key Dates

10 December 2017 – Lionel Midford teams up with SFFF, is a 40 year veteran of film and entertainment who manages all media coverage for Supanova Comic Con & Gaming

5 November 2017 – Simon Foster joins SFFF, a 30-year veteran of the Australasian film sector and reviewer can with Macquarie Media network and statewide on ABC-FM Local

11-15 October 2017 – 4th SFFF program of

19 – 23 October 2016 – 3rd SFFF program of

12 February 2016 – SFFF announces 5 day program

31 October 2015 – 2nd annual SFFF program of

1 March 2015 – SFFF announces continued partnership with Parramatta City Council at Riverside Theatres with 3 cinemas to screen

18 January 2015 – we rebrand SciFi On The Street to SciFi Con (Showcasing comics, cosplay, illustrators, artists and authors and more)

16 November 2014 – 1st annual SFFF program of 5 features and 5 sessions of short films.

  • 3 Australian Premieres. Opening Night Screening was Australian film 54 Days, Closing Night film was The Anomaly
  • Indie screening The Ghastly Love of Johnny X directed by Paul Funnell
  • Project SciFi best film is won by team Kennedy Boy for Scammers 
  • Best SciFi Short Story – Not yours? by Johanna Miller
  • SciFi On The Street on Church Street was be closed between Philip and Market Streets, with restaurants and cafes in the vicinity and an interactive program of activities, including a Cosplay costume parade, competitions, exhibitions and stalls offering comic books, memorabilia, access to specialist SciFi craftspeople, Sci Fi games and software.

10 August 2014 – SFFF partners with Parramatta City Council as a signature event and will be held at Riverside Theatres

22 February 2014 – Submissions go live, SFFF announces 2nd Project SciFi and 1st annual SciFi Short Story competitions and we launch SciFi on The Street convention.

5 February 2014 – Becomes a signature event sponsored by Parramatta City Council

2 February 2014 – Supports Tim Lea, Director of 54 Days crowd funding campaign and offers Opening Night screening at the 1st annual SFFF

27 January 2014 – Our year round committee members, Stephen Liddell (President), Paul Payten (Secretary) and Tom Papas (Festival Director) begin to develop the 1st annual SFFF program

15 January 2014 – SciFi Film Festival (SFFF) business name is registered as a not for profit creative enterprise

3 January 2014 – recognizable hashtags are registered #scififilmfestival, #sfff, #sfff2018, #sfff2019 to #sfff2030; #sfff18, #sfff19 to #sfff30 and many more

2 January 2014 – premium, identifiable and brandable social media usernames are registered

30 December 2013 – We register the perfect descriptive and brandable domain name scififilmfestival.com

19 December 2013 – WD Project Sci-Fi awards ceremony – Guest judge Andrew Cosby (Eureka, Hellboy), Best Film was won by Joshua Hoareau (Cinestudios) for Arrival. Entry, 54 Days production team decide to remake their short film 10 min entry into a feature film

19 September 2013 – (‘WD‘ Western Digital Hard Drive) WD Project Sci-Fi, a global film challenge jointly run in Australia and Vietnam invited filmmakers to write, shoot, edit, produce and upload a 3 – 10 minutes short film in just 30 days



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