The Jury

The jury will be chosen for their experience and professionalism, from a varied range of industries and disciplines.



Phil Goldfarb is an American film producer. His work history in Hollywood as producer/production manager spans 45 years. Phil’s film ‘work titles’ include; All The Right Moves (introducing Tom Cruise) – My Bodyguard – Taxi Driver (starring; Robert De Niro, director; Martin Scorsese) – Truth or Consequences N.M. – Flyboys – L.A. Law: (The Movie:) etc; Producer Associated Film Awards include: Taxi Driver; 1977 Nominated; BAFTA Film Award, (Best Actor – Best Director;) 1977 Won: BAFTA Film Award; (Best Supporting Actress) 1976 Nominated 4 Oscars;
Los Angeles – Directors Guild of America President Paris Barclay today announced the recipients of two special DGA Awards recognizing extraordinary contribution to the Guild: Phillip Goldfarb will be honored at the 67th Annual DGA Awards on Saturday, February 7, 2015. Phillip Goldfarb received the DGA’s 2015 Frank Capra Achievement Award, which is given in recognition of career achievement in the industry and service to the Directors Guild of America.

Joshua Hoareau is a multi-award winning Director from Melbourne, Australia.

After completing a Bachelors Degree in Film and Digital Media with a Major in Film, Joshua went on to enter his film ‘Arrival’ into the 2013 WD Project Sci-Fi Film Competition.

This was the very first time that one of his own films of which he wrote/directed/filmed/edited was entered into a festival. Joshua won Best Film, Best Cinematographer and Best Editing for the short film. Following this win the film went on to win a multitude of awards and air internationally.

In 2014 Joshua completed a film called ‘Peacekeeper’ aimed at raising awareness for Returning War Veterans, Homelessness and Child Trafficking. This film went on to win both Best Film and Best Film on Returning War Veterans.

The film has begun airing internationally in several languages to help raise awareness for these serious issues. Having recently been accepted into the Australian Directors Guild, Joshua is now in pre-production on his upcoming début feature film.

Kevin Taylor is a veteran games developer from the UK. He has seven published titles to his name, from franchises such as Call of Duty and Aliens versus Predator, and has worked with Lucas Arts, Sega, Bethesda Softworks and other high profile publishers. He is currently engaged as Program Coordinator for Games and Game design at Webster University in the USA. Here he is developing a new program curriculum, outfitting course labs with cutting edge hardware and tools as well as delivering and supervising lectures and workshops teaching industry practice to the next generation of designers.’

Morgan Lean is the CEO of Epiphany Games, and has taken the company from a small four person team to 10-20 person studio, developing in-house and outsource projects, for clients as large as the BBC. Currently, he is also the director of Epiphany’s currrent original project “Majestic Nights”. With a background in programming, Morgan has also worked on raising capital and acting as technical director for a start-up which was purchased by Motorola. Previous to this he ran a small ISP and created games and technology for Amnesia Creative.

Keith Stevenson is a speculative fiction writer, magazine editor and publisher, and reviewer born in Scotland. His short fiction has appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Aurealis Magazine, Oceans of the Mind and the Agog! Press anthology Agog! Fantastic Fiction. Probably best known for being editor of Aurealis – Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine from 2001 to 2004 and publisher with multi-award winning Australian independent press coeur de lion publishing from 2006 onwards.

He also hosted 30 episodes of the Terra Incognita Speculative Fiction (TISF) Podcast from 2008 to 2011, with book reviews appearing in Aurealis Magazine, on the TISF Podcast and more recently on the Newtown Review of Books website. Currently, he edits and produces the free and DRM-free Dimension6 speculative fiction electronic magazine three times a year.



Enzo Tedeschi, produced and edited the enormously successful documentaries Food Matters and Hungry For Change, as well as numerous television series, documentaries and award-winning short films with directors such as Carlo Ledesma, Shane Abbess, Marc Furmie, and Andrew Traucki. He has edited and overseen the post-production paths on Channel Nine’s Logie nominated Things To Try Before You Die, and the observational documentary series AFP for Zapruder’s Other Films. Enzo was nominated for an Australian Screen Editor’s Guild Award in 2008 for Best Editing in TV Non-Drama for Gardening For Kids With Madi.

Blake Howard, is a writer, a podcaster, the editor-in-chief & co founder of Australian film blog Graffiti With Punctuation, but above all he’s a son of Batman. Beginning as a padawan co-host of That Movie Show 2UE and now a member of the prestigious Online Film Critic Society; swaying the Tomato Meter with Rotten Tomatoes approved reviews; Blake loves nothing more than to watch and share the effects of movies.

David Griffiths, has worked as an Entertainment Journalist/Reviewer in Australia for over to twenty years now. That time has seen him host the popular X-Wired television program as well as write for magazines such as Buzz Magazine, The Banner, Heavy and Eternity.

Peter Krausz, is a former president of the Australian Film Critics Association, a FIPRESCI-accredited judge for film juries, consultant to the Goethe-Institut for the annual Festival of German Films, judge on various categories for the AFI/AACTA Awards, and judge for the 48 Hour Film Project and Bayside Film Festival. He broadcasts a weekly two-hour film and television program on 3NRG, 99.3FM called ‘Movie Metropolis’, and runs many Q&As for various distributors and cinemas. He also publishes regular film festival reviews on the AFCA website, plus film articles for Independent Education magazine. He recently presented a seminar on the history of science fiction film in Australia at the Con 9 Science Fiction convention in 2013 in Melbourne

Poppy Cave, has been involved in the short film industry for many years on both sides of the camera. During her career in Documentary Film Animation as a Visual Effects Production Manager she collaborated with the producers of the Australian AFI award winning documentary “Death of the Megabeasts” and others for Discovery and National Geographic Channels.

Vinh Nguyen, is a filmmaker whose films Bliss and Handy have been screened nationally and at Cannes, and his festival awards includes Best Film at 48 Green Hours (2011) and Shortcuts (2012). He has a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications (UTS) and has produced quirky and engaging work for Sydney Theatre Company, Cancer Council and Headspace. He continually pursues to tell riveting stories through a tactile aesthetic and aims to better master his craft. An avid fan of B-movies, Vinh strongly adheres to the work ethics of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. Apart from film, he has a high passion in ping pong, games and cosplay, proudly donning the Captain America uniform while blitzing through a Breaking Bad Marathon.

Writing Competition

Cathie Tasker is addicted to reading and her favourite genre is speculative fiction. Since she first walked into the adult section of the library, she has been reading short stories and a wide range of genre and literary fiction. She has always focused on short stories in her life and work, and as an undergraduate she wrote a dissertation on the format. During her time at HarperCollinsPublishers she edited several short story anthologies, other short stories for the Masterpiece series and worked with leading authors to turn short stories into children’s books. Cathie was once a public librarian, book club editor, fiction editor, children’s book editor and publisher and is now a creative writing teacher and freelance editor. Cathie feels that she has found her calling as an editor: “I’m the Spock, not the Kirk”.

Nicole Sharpe fell in love with stories after wandering into her school library and picking up the first Harry Potter book. After deciding that becoming a wizard wasn’t possible, turned her attention to writing her own stories instead, and she’s never stopped. When time allows she reads at least one book a week. She has a passion for speculative fiction but loves everything from autobiographies to thrillers. Nicole writes both short stories and longer fiction, primarily fantasy and sci-fi and she also loves writing fan fiction on days when her own characters are being troublesome. As a self-confessed nerd she loves her admin job with the Australian Writers’ Centre, where she is lucky enough to surround herself with fabulous people of the writerly persuasion.


Judges that featured in the past involved with our organisation – either for a film festival or our film competitions


Andrew Cosby – is an American comic book creator, film producer, screenwriter, and most notably the co-creator of the hit SyFy TV series Eureka. He co-founded Boom! Studios.Cosby co-created the UPN horror series Haunted and is the co-creator of the record-breaking Syfy TV show Eureka, which concluded its fifth and final season in July 2012. Cosby is in active development on a number of new television and film ventures, including a reinvention of the classic HBO series Tales from the Crypt, an ultra-violent Viking show with Omni Film Productions in Canada, the sci-fi police procedural Variant.

Bruce Beresford – (born 16 August 1940) is an Australian film director who has made more than 30 feature films over a 50-year career. Notable films he has directed include Breaker Morant (1980), Tender Mercies (1983), Crimes of the Heart (1986) and Driving Miss Daisy (1989).

Cosmo Jarvis – is an artist for whom one word will never really be enough. He’s a singer, a songwriter, an actor, a director, a composer, a producer and a multi-instrumentalist. He writes about topics ranging from his alienation from religion to the equal treatment of gay pirates (and he’s completed nearly three hundred songs already). Cosmo is an extraordinarily talented, and a genuine one off.

Andrew Sugerman – has been involved in the production of films over the past thirty years. He currently heads the production company Pantheon Entertainment. His latest film in production is Janis Joplin

Ken Stewart – Award winning creative talent in copywriting, producing and directing marketing campaigns for top Hollywood studios and networks. Former senior creative marketing executive at Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures.

Ariadne Zanella – an award-winning digital editor, producer and writer with 10 years experience in the digital spheres. She has worked for major US, UK and Australian media organisations in news, production, editorial and leadership roles. She produced videos for clients such as Hugo Boss, Gilette, and Vodafone as well as media partner Festival Republic (organisers of Latitude Music Festival and Berlin Music Festival).

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