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SciFi Film Festival

SciFi Film Festival (SFFF) is an annual event dedicated to putting the spotlight on science fiction, and its countless sub-genres (fantasy, space opera, comics, etc.) from Australia and around the world.

Our curated festival program includes, everything from the latest harvest of art house and mainstream films to retrospectives, themed screenings and cult classics, as well as crowd pleasing events i.e. symposiums, seminars, panels, contests and Q&A’s with filmmakers and their crew, and sideshows i.e. celebrity guests, interactive entertainment and cosplay activities that are fun, quirky and will change from time to time.

Focusing on genre films and their popular culture, we also bring other elements into the program to make it unique, i.e. exploring the convergence between the film, gaming industries and interactive entertainment, to VR/AR and new media technologies, to symposiums and innovative showcases, with futurists, designers, thinkers to builders, industrialists, scientists and the future curious, exploring new perspectives through science fiction.

Mission statement

  • Celebrate and promote the science fiction genre and its popular culture


  • Curate and deliver unforgettable experiences
  • Showcase fantastical genre stories, diverse perspectives and rich emotional journeys
  • Embrace past and future technologies, other art forms and cultural activities
  • Champion gender equality, indigenous content and advocate positive social change
  • Create an exciting meeting place for audiences, media professionals, emerging and established artists
  • Become internationally recognised for supporting creative talent and presenting stand-out works
  • Strengthen organisational management and
effectively manage our finances

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