2016 Short Films

Short Film Session 1
Saturday, 22 October 2016 Begins at 4:00pm

Short Film Session 2
Sunday, 23 October 2016 Begins at 2:00pm


Lockbox 1:26mins (UK) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 1
A loving mechanical puppet looks for a way to save his makers business through the ultimate sacrifice. Director: Peter Cotter


Voyager 9:30mins (France) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 1
Sent in 1977, the Voyager Golden Record was intended to introduce Humanity to possible beings in outer space. But centuries later, Voyager is back on Earth… A little girl which lives alone in a destroyed town, finds the space probe. Therefore she uncovers musics, pictures of nature and past humanity. Director: Loic Magar, Roman Veiga


Worlds Apart 17:00mins (Australia) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 1
A World War Two English soldier wakes from a coma to find a mysterious old man sharing his hospital room. Director: Timothy Wade


Signature Tune 5:57mins (Australia) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 1
There is nowhere to hide from despair when the heartbreak of reality breaks the barrier to the dream-world, in this exploration of a tortured subconscious. Director:  Josef Arbil


Lazyboy 11:30mins (Australia) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 1
Ray discovers his La-Z-Boy recliner is a one-minute time machine. Will he learn from his mistakes or is he destined to repeat them forever? Director: Dave Redman


Can You Decide 4:55mins (Italy) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 1
This is the official music video of the track ‘Can You Decide’ written by the Manchester (UK) singer song writer, Jon Kenzie. The video tells a story of a lonely robot musician who is struggling between the desire to travel and play music throughout the galaxy or go back home to be with the one he loves. This short film has been a global collaboration, co-produced by Italian film company 22S Productions and the Spanish puppet company, Trukitrek. All the puppets and scenery have been recycled and skillfully crafted from waste materials. Director: Lu Pulici


Dimensions 4:40mins (UK) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 1
A large scale adventure through alternate dimensions featuring a grumpy scientist, his hyperactive daughter and a gormless chicken. Director: Andy James


IM Perfect 6:36mins (Hungary) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 1
In 2046 a young woman dates a handsome guy who has some weird plans with their hands. The short film aims to show a date in 2046. How the technology can shape our lives in an everyday situation. What if someone else controls your senses. Director: Zsuzsanna Koszti


Chronos 11:00mins (Slovakia) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 1
A troubled old businessman finds himself looking at the world upside down through a hotel room where time runs backwards. Director: Martin Kasimir


True Copy 11:11mins (Russian Federation) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 1
Igor’s uncontrolled transformations into other people force him to turn to the only person able to stop this… Director: Olga Belva


Sanctioned 17:51mins (Cyprus) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 1
In a dystopian future, it is legal to murder someone providing you have legally applied to the Ministry of Sanctioned Homicide to be given legal authorization to do so. Elias visits the Ministry to apply to kill one of his parents. Director: Harry Ayiotis


The Light Eater 12:00mins (Luxembourg) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 2
Today is Light Eater’s very first day of school. Light Eater has to sort things out on his own. Since his father passed away, his mother hasn’t been able to overcome her sorrow and has turned away from her son. Since this day, Light Eater has been burdened by a curse: when he opens his mouth to speak, he swallows the light around him. But, Light Eater also has a gift: he loves to draw and his drawings are full of bright colors that brighten his existence. Having only just arrived at school, Light Eater is the victim of a bully who tears up his drawing. Which of his sides will take over, light or dark? Director: Sean McCormack


The Last Journey of the Enigmactic Paul W.R. 18:00mins (France) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 2
The red moon threatens our existence on earth. Our only hope is the enigmatic Paul WR, the most talented astronaut of its generation. But few hours before the start of the Great mission, Paul disappeared. The one that the whole world considers as a hero hides in fact a terrible secret: since his youngest age, Paul W.R hears our thoughts. The consequence of this strange gift : Paul W.R doesn’t support us any more. If he accepted the Mission without return, it’s not by heroism. It’s to find, finally, the peace of mind of a perfect silence. Far from our thoughts.
Director: Quirot Romain

La lune rouge menace notre existence sur terre. Notre seul espoir repose sur l’énigmatique Paul W.R, l’astronaute le plus talentueux de sa génération. Mais à quelques heures du départ de la Grande Mission, Paul a disparu. Celui que la terre entière considère comme un héros cache en fait un terrible secret : depuis son plus jeune âge, Paul W.R entend nos pensées ; des plus anecdotiques aux plus intimes. La conséquence de cet étrange don : Paul W.R ne nous supporte plus. S’il a accepté la Mission sans retour, ce n’est pas par héroïsme. C’est pour trouver, enfin, la quiétude d’un silence parfait. Loin de nos pensées.


ZONA-84 15:25mins (Spain) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 2
ZONA-84 is a futurist short movie set in a post-apocalyptic Barcelona. The mood of social criticism is related to the abuse of power which controls the earth essential resources. Director: Lonan Garcia

ZONA-84 es un cortometraje de ficción futurista ambientado en una Barcelona Post-Apocalíptica, con un trasfondo de crítica social relacionado con el abuso de poder aplicado a los recursos básicos de la tierra.


Waste Of Time 7:00mins (Australia) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 2
John hasn’t left his bedroom in 10 years. Today he could, in a Time Machine. Director: Ben Nicholas


F Meat 17:20mins (Australia) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 2
When The CEO of a synthetic meat empire reveals his product is secretly grown from human flesh, he must use extreme measures to persuade his morally opposed successor to save his legacy and the starving masses. Director: Sean Bell


Midnight Snack 2:00mins (Australia) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 2
A book of spells and a late night craving. What could possibly go wrong? Director: Jeremy Kelly-Bakker


The Garden 13:36mins (USA) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 2
In the Garden, humans get converted into A.I. constructs to survive. But Luc – a rebellious ballerina – would rather die than conform. When in 2089 humans become an out-of-date concept, the only way to survive is to integrate into A.I. constructs. Yet Luc—a rebellious ballerina—would rather die than conform. But when she meets an odd robot Azul, the idea of integrating into a better version of herself suddenly sounds tempting. Director: Natalia Lyudin


Johnny Clegg – Take My Heart Away 5:20mins (South Africa) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 2
The story follows a young South African boy, Lindo, who lives in an informal settlement that borders an international spaceflight launch site. Lindo is infatuated with space travel, his hideout in-between is filled with articles and old books on space travel, as well as drawings and pictures of rockets and spaceships. His dream is to fly amongst the stars, far away from his destitute township life. One day, Lindo sees an opportunity to sneak on board a space shuttle as a stowaway. Director: Jaron Clegg


Reversal 15:30mins (USA) Buy Tickets to SciFi Short Film Session 2
An aging inventor with questionable sanity is determined to prevent his wife’s murder. His method: a 16mm film projector. Director: Michael Lippert

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