2015 SciFi Film Festival Awards

Best International Film – The Space Between Us (Netherlands)

Best Australian Film – Alienation (Australia)

Best Feature Film – Arrowhead (Australia)

Best Featurette – Ozone (Serbia)

Best Short Film – The Space Between Us (Netherlands)

Best Director – The Space Between Us (Netherlands)

Best Script – Imaginapped (USA)

Best Male Actor – Barrett James – Helio (USA)

Best Female Actor – Oona Lawrence – Imaginapped (USA)

Best Animation – Deadly Drive-In Disaster (Netherlands)

Best CGI – Empsillnes (Poland)

Best Special Effects – The Space Between Us (Netherlands)

Best Music Video – Bionic Girl (France)

Best Trailer – Chronicles of the Source (France)

Varsity Best Film – from a Film School, University or College – (Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon)

Best Student film from a Film School – Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon (USA)

Best Junior – Wonderful World (USA)


Project SciFi

2015 Project SciFi Awards

Best Film – After the end

Best Director – After the end

Best Cinematography – After the end

Best Editing – After the end

Best Male Actor – Mansoor Noor – Gateway to the stars

Best Female Actor – Amy Scott Smith – Gateway to the stars

Best Script – The Bunker

Best Student Film – The Bunker


SciFi Film Festival – Short Story

Winner – Feiya Khang – Europa

Highly recommended – Robert N Stephenson My Killer, My Saviour

Highly recommended – Chris Large – Future Me, Future

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