Rafferty’s Short Film Program 6

Rated PG – Saturday, 31 October at 4.30pm

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The Rat’s Dilema // 10mins 8secs // Israel // 2014 // Australian Premiere
In the Holocaust, a gifted Jewish physicist named Rudolph is forced to build a teleporter for the Nazis. Rudolph keeps telling his Nazi supervisor Heinz that the machine doesn’t work yet, but Heinz suspects Rudolph is hiding something. As Heinz is determined to squeeze the truth out by any means necessary, Rudolph soon has to face the dilemma of his life.

Directors – Naor Meningher

The Rat's Dilema


THE AUTUMN OF ZAO // 18mins 8secs // France // 2014 // Australian Premiere
Zao is a little boy with an incurable disease, in a house beside a lake. A little girl, Cloe, leads through the forest and tells him the legend of the lake monster. Beyond the pain, death and time, The Autumn of ZAO is a hymn to dream, life and childhood.

Directors – Nikolaus Roche-Kresse



One More Day // 19mins // France // 2015 // Australian Premiere
It was a year ago that man deserted Paris. In this desolation, there are a few survivors searching the ruins for food. Among them, one couple tries to subsist any way they can and make contact with other survivors.

Director – Alban Sapin

One MOre Day


Outside Your Window // 4mins // Australia // 2014
As Claire gets home and gets ready for bed, she is being watched by a true monster…

Directors – Paul Cavallo

Outside Your Window


Skål // 15mins // France // 2015 // Australian Premiere
And if tomorrow…in one night…all the planet’s water disappeared? Would you share your water reserves? But…with whom? And why? A range of choices that a young YouTube celebrity will have to suddenly and brutally confront.

Directors – Benjamin Cappelletti


Mr.Dentonn // 9mins // Spain // 2014
On a cold winter night, Laura reads his brother David the story of a strange creature that attacks children. Suddenly, a shiver runs Laura’s body, feeling a strange presence in the house. It’s him.

Directors – Ivan Villamel Sanchez


Closets // 18mins 47secs // UK // 2015 
A time travel sci-fi focussing on youth issues (LGBT, Bullying and Self Harm)

Directors – Lloyd Eyre-Morgan

Rafferty’s Short Film Program 6

Rated PG – Saturday, 31 October at 4.30pm

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