Lennox Short Film Program 1

Rated PG – Saturday, 31 October at 10.30pm

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Into the Dark – 14 mins // USA // 2014 // Australian Premiere.
Sometime in the future, two men strapped in back to back, on a journey from Moon to Earth. Real Justice. Just Reality.

Director – Lukas Hassel


Silente // 9 mins // Spain // 2015 // Australian Premiere.
Anori is an Eskimo who lives in the Silente Planet. Through a recorder records the sounds that nature, one day is surprised by a windfall artifact. Its origin unknown, but above all who pilot.




Wonderful World // 8 mins // USA // Australian Premiere.
The film is a visual comment to the song “What a Wonderful World” written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss, recorded by Louis Armstrong made as a science fiction drama about a lone survivor of an apocalypse who tries to escape his surroundings of a destroyed abandoned city through his imagination while listening to the song. The film raises the themes of how people interact with the world: after people destroy their world they search for it and try to come back into it. The film speaks of ecological problems and the importance of respect for the environment.

Directors – David Saveliev


The Good Feelings // 12 mins // Canada // 2015 // Australian Premiere.
Knowing her imminent departure to the afterlife, Therese meets Carole and Peter, her children, to reveal them secrets she kept buried for many years.

Director – François Landry

The_Good_Feelings_ SciFi_Film_Festival


DRYF (Eng. THE DRIFT) // 4’19” // Poland // 2014 // NSW Premiere.
SYNOPSIS: “Cardboard” music video for Polish band Zespół Kariera. Technique: stop motion. Dialogues: YES / O!PLA’15 AWARD: 3rd Award (“Brown Sack”) in the category “animated music video”.

Realization: Marcin Ożóg



The Field // 10’ 37” // Italy // 2015 // Australian Premiere.
In the future present, a lonely farmer takes on working the fields once belong to his father. Seeking improvements, he installs huge robotic all-in-one machines that automatically treat the land. Occupied in improving, the farmer over-works the fields with his machines and fails to understand the reason for the suffering of his dying land. In a surrealistic moment he finds himself in front of a doorway to the past, which makes him realize his errors and reminds him of the old and simpler farming ways of his father.

Director – Omer Sasson

The Field


Whack // 14 mins // Greece // 2015 // Australian Premiere.
Near future Athens, the once glorious capital is an absolute urban wasteland, where corruption and apathy have crafted Europe’s most deathful amusement park, filled with hopelessness and spectacular violence. In order to control the self-murdering epidemic, state declairs suicide illegal, defining it as a horrible crime; citizens who get caught, trying to commit, are imprisoned, sent for life in countryside breeding camps. Following the film’s heroes to their chase of one last desire, a great deal of tragicomic surprises come the way.

Director – Syni Pappa

whack scifi


Loving Myself // 4 mins 12 secs // Australia // 2013.
An Anthem of self love by Comedian/Musician Kai Smythe (A.K.A Hairy Soul Man). using hand drawn props and sets, Hairy Soul Man shows the human race just how important it is to love yourself.

Directors – Kai Smythe

loving myself


Isis // 19 mins 23 secs // Mexico // 2015 // Australian Premiere
Life on Earth is extinct. Aided by an artificial intelligence, the only survivors, a man and a woman, must fight against madness, guilt and loneliness inside a spaceship so the human race can continue existing.

Directors – Paco Ramírez


Lennox Short Film Program 1

Rated PG – Saturday, 31 October at 10.30pm

Buy Tickets Here


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