Morgenrøde (aka. Dawn) // 70mins // Norway // 2o14 // Australian Premiere
In a water polluted world years after a global fall we follow two survivors in their existential crisis.

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MORGENRØDE takes place at the beginning of a new aeon, in a water polluted world years after a global fall. Surrounded by an endless hazy and drab, bleak desert we follow two survivors who eye each other with the same mutual depraved suspicion as they contemplate their inhospitable surroundings. MORGENRØDE is a mythological chamber play about faith, the beyond and the struggle against dehydration, in the wide-open, post-apocalyptic landscape. Featuring Ingar Helge Gimle and Torstein Bjørklund. MORGENRØDE is the first feature film by Anders Elsrud Hultgreen.

Cast – Inger Helge Gimle – SET, Torstein Bjørklund – RAHAB
Director – Anders Elsrud Hultgreen
Written By – Anders Elsrud Hultgreen
Produced By – Anders Elsrud Hultgreen

Morgenrøde Press Kit… Click Here


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