The Space Between Us // 12mins 49 secs // Netherlands // 2015 // Australian Premiere.
A cleaner has to choose between humanity and the life of a merman.

Juliette, the last remaining cleaner from the Beacon Gill Research Centre, meets Adam at night.
He is a merman with the most suitable gills to save humanity. Adam enchants Juliette with his singing. She faces a dilemma: does Adam have to die for the sins of humanity?

Cast – Elsa May Averill, Kiefer Zwart, Adrian Brine, Phi Nyugen

Director/Writer: Marc S. Nollkaemper
Producer: Mark Lolkema, Isha van Moort
DoP: Arthur Vis
Sounddesign: Berend Blom
Composer: Einar Sv. Tryggvason
Production designer: Didier Konings
Art director: Rosylke Gersons, Evelien Stikkelman
Editor: Erik Sluiter

2D Visual Effects Supervisor: Wouter Gilsing

3D Visual Effects Supervisor: Brian Scherbinski

VFX Set Supervisor: Nina Lankveld

2D Visual Effects Artists:
Wouter Gilsing
Didier Konings
Nina Konings
Stef Mesman
Rocky Schouten

3D Visual Effects Artists
Jim de Brouwer
Lynn Dekker
Guido Ekker
Aram Hakze
Brian Scherbinski
Marion Strunck
Anton Stattin

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