Empsillnes // 11mins 45secs // Poland // 2015 // Australian Premiere.

Last survivor of destroyed starship meets with his enemy in the void.

There is only one survivor aboard destroyed spaceship orbiting around distant blue giant.He struggle and fight for his life waiting for humans to rescue him. Another day means another trip for resources. He hides himself in hermetic server room. The only place where he is able to be alive without space suit.In his dreams and memories he is going back to his love who was killed by rebellious artificial intelligence. One day he discovers huge spaceship orbiting nearby his wreck. There is no boundaries to his happiness but he knows that there is not much time and he have to make some attention for the “others” to see him. In furious manner he gets himself to main control room where radio is activated and emergency flare gun could be taken. He gets to the surface of hull and shots flares. He have been spotted and now only thing to do is to wait what will happen next. But to his surprise spaceship activate main engines and fly away leaving survivor alone again. The propulsion of spaceship makes the floating pieces of metal to move with high speed. One of piece hits astronaut and throws him into deep space away from his wreck. In the shadow of the moon half alive astronaut with empty oxygen tank sees his long time dead love. She smiles to him and takes his soul to her world. They meet again after life to be together for eternity.

Director Jakub Grygier
Producer Jakub Grygier
Screenwriter Jakub Grygier
Editor Jakub Grygier
Director of photography Jakub Grygier
Production designer Jakub Grygier
Music composer Pawel Gorniak
Sound Pawel Gorniak
Animation Jakub Grygier

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