In a dystopian near future, single people are obliged to find a matching mate in 45 days or are transformed into animals and released into the woods.

Genres: Comedy | Romance | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos

Writers: Yorgos Lanthimos, Efthymis Filippou

Colin Farrell as David
Rachel Weisz as Short Sighted Woman
Jessica Barden as Nosebleed Woman
Olivia Colman as Hotel Manager
Ashley Jensen as Biscuit Woman
Ariane Labed as The Maid
Angeliki Papoulia as Heartless Woman
John C. Reilly as Lisping Man
Léa Seydoux as Loner Leader
Michael Smiley as Loner Swimmer
Ben Whishaw as Limping Man
Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Doctor[11]

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