Here is another one of the under-looked and under-appreciated literary gems that is just begging to get a film adaptation.Daniel X could be another great science fiction adventure movie riddled with interesting characters and amazing new worlds. Others think that this might work better as a tv show but that could be problem considering the budget that it would require for special effects and world building. Daniel X was written by none other than James Patterson who’s books are loved by many and currently one of his books is now a tv show called Zoo. Daniel X’s world could be a cinematic masterpiece brought to life but it just hasn’t happened yet.

sci fi film

sci-fi film

The book series revolves around Fifteen year old Daniel X who’s parents were murdered 12 years ago.He then took up his parents mantle as the defender of earth.The only lasting memory of his parents is a list of alien criminals that Daniel must hunt down and terminate. One of the aliens on the list was responsible for killing Daniel’s parents, since then Daniel has made it his life long goal to track down the alien known as Prayer, and avenge the deaths of his mom and dad. This short summary already makes the story seem interesting since you already know Daniel’s motivation, which is seeded in revenge and tragedy.The character is relatable but also unique is his own way especially since he has power to create with his mind.


The story is very large in scale and has many layers considering what you already know about Daniel’s parents. They were members of a group that secretly combated alien criminals and now their son has taken their place. Daniel gets kidnapped at the beginning of the Novel but he is very resourceful even though he is hard-headed at times.Throughout most of the book you will see Daniel chasing after alien criminals or eluding alien bounty hunters,All of this while unraveling a greater mystery concerning the murder of his parents.

daniel x

There was going to be a movie about Daniel X called the “Dangerous days of Daniel X”. It was reported in 2008 that New regency Productions had secured the film rights to the first book in the series but there has been no other news since that announcement, which means that the film is stuck in development hell for now.New regency has other films coming out this year and next year so we can only hope that they offer updates on the project as soon as possible.

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