A familiar face will be fighting angry fleets of aliens in Independence Day 2: William Fichtner, whose name you might not know, even though you’ve seen him in everything (most recently Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Elysium, and The Lone Ranger). Fichtner will be playing a “top general” in the sci-fi action sequel, according to Deadline. The site also notes that the deal Fichtner signed with Fox includes larger roles in “the two films that will follow,” so could that mean (1) he’ll be in the second sequel? and (2) there’s going to be a second sequel after all?

That’s some major speculating on my part; those “two films” could be anything. But we do know that a third Independence Day movie is a strong possibility, and it could at least mean that Fichtner’s character survives. Well, not necessarily. After all, they’re somehow bringing this guy back:



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