What is “Dirtside”?
One hundred years in the future, a mother is separated from her newborn and held against her will. She must escape, then unite the surviving clans, to infiltrate the stronghold of their enemy (who has already possessed the living bodies of most of Dirtside’s inhabitants).

Once the stronghold has been breached, the mother must reveal to her estranged daughter she was seeded by a friendly species from another world and that she is the only one capable of containing this eternal evil force.

For Support visit… https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dirtside


So how did “Dirtside” evolve from “Aurora”?
“Aurora” won the award for Best Visual Effects and was nominated for Best Film and Best Cinematography in the Project Sci-Fi Short Film Competition at the Sydney Sci-Fi Film Festival 2014 out of 75 international finalists.

Each team had 30 days to write their screenplay, cast actors, secure equipment, locations and crew, and then shoot and edit their films for submission.


After a recent career change Producer, Writer and Director, Chris Wells completed advanced film school studies here in Sydney, Australia. Chris has written, produced and directed several film projects and currently has a feature film “Bloody Legends: Yara” in post production. Here is a recent interview with Chris Wells.


Gareth Carr was the Cinematographer, Director and Co-writer of “Aurora”. His talent in photography, passion for science fiction and artistic ability to achieve knock out visual effects has enabled him to create several stunning and exciting videos that he has displayed on YouTube over the years.

Together these two men have formed friendships with other dedicated cast and crew who support their vision to create a fresh and unique style of Sci-Fi films in Australia.

After the success of their team with “Aurora”, it only makes sense to push the limits a step further and make a full length movie.

Why are we seeking financial support? For Support visit… https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dirtside

science fiction

Because if we can already do this kind of stuff with short films…


We feel its time to make a real movie!


The campaign’s focus is to raise funds for the pre-production phase for “Dirtside”.

This phase is critical because what we raise now will determine the types of locations and sets we can secure. We will be applying for council permits & licensing and there will be other mandatory legal expenses involved as with any feature film. Also we need to start getting to work on storyboards, design concepts & create props, buy make-up/prosthetics and have costumes made.

Its been a long time since such an ambitious project has been undertaken by independent filmmakers in Australia. So the more help we get the better. A successful campaign will even help us pitch our film to potentially bring on Australian celebrity actors.


Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to help out financially here are other ways you can support “Dirtside”:

Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dirtsidemovie
If you have a skill you would like to contribute to help make “Dirtside” a success then please let us know at Dirtsidemovie@gmail.com
And last but not least use the Indiegogo share tools!


To ensure money raised by this campaign is spent effectively, campaign producers will approve and sign off on all expenses.

All contributions of $150 or more will automatically receive the non-limited edition Blu-ray copy of Dirtside!

Delivery dates on digital download and Blu-ray’s are pending marketing and distribution costs.

International shipping is included with all perks.

For the Featured Talent Spotlight perk please contact us in advance at Dirtsidemovie@gmail.com with the special talent details you would like to perform before purchasing so we can be sure to fit it into the film!


You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. You won`t get a share in the profits if any, as this will breach the TOS of Indiegogo. But you get your share in the experience and credit for your contribution!

Travel and accommodation costs are not included in these perks. If you have any questions please contact Chris Wells directly at Dirtsidemovie@gmail.com

You will be listed on the official IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4489086/

For Support visit… https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dirtside


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