Batman: The Bloody Valentine has just officially been released online! Our short film will show the dark and twisted love affair that the Joker has with Batman and how we will go to any length to get the bats attention.

Here at K&K we have always been fascinated by the love hate relationship between the villain and hero and our short film aims to convey that in all it’s gory detail.

Batman/Joker short film is online... and it's awesome!With the design of the Batman we have gone for a combination of Arkham Asylum and Origins, which we think you guys will love. We’ve also tried to make him as brutal and efficient as possible when it comes to his fighting style. He has no time to mess around, so he smashes his way through his opponents.





Batman/Joker short film is online... and it's awesome!Our Joker is very much an amalgam of the Killing Joke (our favorite Bats graphic novel) and the Arkham Origins game. Nicholas really brought a psychotic feel to the character and a unpredictability that we hope hardcore joker fans can appreciate.



We were very lucky to have some great actors working with us, who were very dedicated to the roles, both physically and mentally.

Batman/Joker short film is online... and it's awesome!Joe Galiina, who plays our Batman, put on 15lbs just to get the physically imposing look that we wanted. Nicholas Anscombe sat through several hours of make up to be transformed into the Joker and has given a really creepy performance. Patrick Girts voiced the Joker and went for the Mark Hamill style from Batman the Animated series as that is still our favorite joker of all time!



We hope you all enjoy it and if you find out more about how we shot this film, then check out the behind the scenes video below.

A dark and twisted take on the Jokers love affair with the Batman and how we will go to any length to get the bats attention!

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Special thanks to –

Artisan Films LTD (Jimmy Jib) –
Shoot Blue (Camera equipment hire) –
Tiger Stone FX (Bat cowl)

Directed by – Harry and George Kirby

1st Assistant Director – Nathan Stickley…

2nd Assistant Director – James Taylor

DOP’s – George Kirby, Cliff Thomas

Jimmy Jib Operators – Cliff Thomas, Chan Sachdeva

Orchestrations and additional arrangements – John Koutselinis


Joker – Nicholas Anscombe…

Batman – Joe Gallina…
Spotlight : 3312-1272-454

Voice of The Joker – Patrick Girts

Main Male Hostage 1 – James Huston
Main Female Hostage – Lucy Murray


Jason Curle –…
Isky Fay –…
Neil Chapelhow…
Chris Cordell
David Cheung –…

Danielle Buxton
Will Ze
Tarik Salih
Penny Soteris
Robbie Hutchin
Laura Stead
Ben Jackson
Bill Duerden
Ian Jackson


Joe Gallina…
Isky Fay…
Chris Cordell
Niel Chapelhow…
Jason Curle…
Lucy Murray
David Cheung…

Riggers – Jason Curle, Chris Cordell

Camera Operators – George Kirby, Cliff Thomas

Production Assistant – Ainee Foo

Smoke Machine Operators – James Taylor, Alex Mather

Location Provided by – Stuart White and Quickbury Farm

Hair and Make up – Chloe Rose

Costume Design – Harry and George Kirby

Costume Maker – Anne Jackson

Fight Choreography – George Kirby, Chris Cordell, Jason Curle

BTS Video by – Anthony Hunt

VFX – George Kirby

Sound design – Harry Kirby

Produced by – Harry and George Kirby

Written by – Harry and George Kirby

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