2015 SciFi Short Stories

Torvald’s Year – C H Pearce

“Did I get it? Do I get my Year in Light? Have I suffered long enough? Have I suffered well?” Torvald nearly tugged on his manager’s shirtsleeve. That would have been the end of it. All his family told him it would be wonderful if he were to take it up. The boy... read more

The Number Of The Stars – Nick Hartland

Tuesday, 3 March 2076: The Senate Catherine opened the door and motioned for Jeff to come into the meeting. It was half an hour after the time on the agenda. Jeff walked to the one vacant spot at the twelve seat table for the University Senate, and smirked at... read more

The Exploiters – Geoff Covey

In June 2048 the aliens landed on Earth. They had sent messages forewarning their arrival and assuring their peaceful intent several months before. These communications had been sent on open airwaves in several languages so governments had been spared having to decide... read more

The Photon Phantastic – Barry Rosenberg

Merc Umbagato was frantically motionless. Waiting… waiting… he hurtled through hyperspace with the Z’berk on his tail. Yet once again, the trader had Rangers after him. Fortunately, he had more experience in being chased than the Z’berk had of chasing. Mary, his... read more

The Accompanied Journey – C H Pearce

Kalpana’s parents have left her again. She throws herself back in her seat, as hard as she can, so that it rocks and screeches. Everyone calls her Pana except her parents, and they aren’t here. Her face glowers out from under a darker fringe, the red hood of her... read more

A Perfect Crime – Geoff Covey

A smile spread across his face as he looked down at the faintly twitching body of the middle aged man lying before him. He slowly returned the warm pistol to the shoulder holster. He would have no further need of it and had considered leaving it behind to confuse the... read more

The Strange Demise of Loc Phuket – Wilson F Engel III

When the man called The Avatar disappeared from the United States and for all intents and purposes from the physical world to become a denizen of the Dark Net, he did so with the help of shadowy organizations in the Asian underworld and, in particular, with the secret... read more

The Stones At The Bottom Of The Sea – Stephen Davey

As a kid I got into places only a rat would go. The feelings people talk about, the suffocation, the crushing weight, simply didn’t figure. Like I was a mole in a previous life. Long as I had a couple of inches of space in front of my face I felt at home, same as on... read more

Time Again – Joshua McInnes

Inside, the robot poured four perfectly steeped cups of loose leaf tea and arranged them artfully on the sitting room table. It checked that there was milk and sugar, adjusting the angle of the spoons beside the saucers, and then waited. At half past eight it gathered... read more

Transitioned – Jacqueline Daly

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” I shouted as I ran down the spiral staircase. “It’s over here!” I heard him say. “Quickly or you’ll miss it!” he yelled. I made my way to the indoor pond that was surrounded by lush green ferns with a wood feature wall on one side. “Oh, look... read more

The Eagle – Helen Richardson

Issi has done her morning lessons and now Jane is showing her how to plant out the seedlings in the shadehouse, which is really a converted half of the original farmhouse. Jane demonstrates picking out the plant, making a hole in the soil, placing it in and firming... read more

The Ballot – Jennifer Parry

Dean Wallace, the prime minister of Australia ratified The Ballot. It was difficult to tell from his countenance at the time how he felt about it. He was a master of sham. Chelsea was the only one who could see the truth in him. She watched her father, like she’d done... read more

The Cull – Oliver Lewis

“For God’s sake Clare. That’s political correctness gone mad.” “Liam!” cried Susie, elbowing him in the ribs. “But it’s true,” he replied, taking a sip of his cocktail. The three of them had a prime table by the window, they’d arrived at the restaurant early and the... read more

Undercover in Tanah Firdaus – Tina Isaacs

“He’s going to kill all of us for sure when he finds out,” a low voice grumbled from just behind the closed door. Commissioner of Police Badrul Kariah shoved it open. “Tuan (1) !” A booming call from the front of the room had the attendees scrambling to brace up in... read more

Visitors To A Strange Planet

Their race was a peaceful one, their world called Elis. Few were chosen for the privilege to explore outer space and bring their newfound wisdom and knowledge back to their people to teach what they had learned on their sojourns. The Haideans were eager to learn more... read more

Separation – Greg Austin

Seeker Lab Complex — Year 2058 Sian Morgan, ten-years-old, blue eyed and cute, sits on a steel chair, hands together on her lap. She studies Edward Franks, a tall, rumpled-looking scientist. Franks places a gentle hand to the side of her face. “Our new beginning, dear... read more

Red and Grey – Catherine Wilkins

Q Tank hands off at the end of his shift. “The extractor’s running near the edge of the seam so there’s a few contaminants. Watch the pH.” His safety mask makes his voice echo oddly at the same time it muffles it.He trudges up the ramp along the access tunnel, his... read more

Planeta Nullius – Liam Kinkead

Creation myths are Darwinian devices designed for survival. The belief in powers above to guide and punish help a people to gel, to become a community of many where before there was only the distinct individual. These myths also act as another important tool for a... read more

On A Wheel – Toby Orme

The man limped on. He was thin, and of average height and build. His hair was a mess of dirt and sweat, and the scorched and raggedy clothes that he wore were marked with various stains. He knew not where he was, and was not entirely sure of how he had gotten... read more

Not her – Johanna Miller

You watch her. Abby stands straight backed and firm as they tie James to the table. Her brother; your son. Yours. They couldn’t break you of that. His arms are held wide with cufflinks and he stares slack-jawed at the ceiling. The viewing platform you are on allows... read more

Nanna – Susan Errington

I walked down to feed my birds this evening. It was the first time I’d done it in such a long time. The pathway down to the bottom of the garden is steep and rocky, covered in leaves and bark. I was afraid to go down on my own. I have been for some months, since I got... read more

Lifting The Spirits – Doug Pender

I didn’t know what I could do to impress her. My gut clamped every time I saw her. We worked in the same open plan office, only three work stations apart, so I saw her a lot. Long, wavy, dark brown hair, slim body, curves that rippled. When she glided through the... read more

Italian Zucchini – John Bartlett

Part One: ‘Hello, how are you, hello how are you, hello, how are you?’ The voices merged inside her head and soon became an echoing ‘heluuu, heluuuuuuuuu’ sound somewhere at the back of her eyes. With the ‘swish, swish, swish’ of the... read more

In Transit – Glen Thickett

We arrived at the door at the same time. That was some coincidence given the turmoil around us, and the circumstances we had travelled through. Immediately on our guard, we both needed to get through that door. She said, ‘I’m sorry, you must be mistaken,’ as I said,... read more

Gray Nomad – Alison Ferguson

That was the thing about Canberra winters – those brittle blue skies masked the truth of the cold. Joy was down to her cardigan in the warmth of the car but out of the window she could see the morning’s frost still lingering in the shadows under the trees even... read more

Grass Stains and Fire – Brooke Clarke

He’d always been one of those kids who had grass stains on his knees. Jeans, slacks, uniforms, they were always covered in mud, from his hands to his knees to his face and his feet. His mother said that he wasn’t even hers, that he was just a mucky little monkey sent... read more

Future Schlock – Geoff Covey

I was recently invited to spend a week in a ‘house of the future’. I only lasted two days. The invitation came to me from my role as a technical writer and occasional journalist – that should have been enough to warn me, but vanity at being the one invited got the... read more

Extinction Society – Trevor Schaefer

The meeting of the Extinction Society opened, as always, with the reciting of the foundational formula enunciated by the late Professor Frank Fenner: Homo sapiens will become extinct within 100 years. It’s an irreversible situation. A digital recording of the... read more

Deadlands – Christopher Patrick

His mind had already switched to auto-pilot by the time lunch-time came around, his brain numb from the endless stream of paperwork that, no matter how long ago the world had ended, showed no sign of letting up. If it wasn’t for the sudden rustle of sandwich wrappers... read more

Beneath the Sands of the Hourglass – Chris Jones

No biological life existed at the end of time. It had all been destroyed when the last of the stars had expanded and gone supernova. Now people and aliens lived on as electrical signals, or digital downloads. There existed vast cities on airless and lightless worlds.... read more

The Beach of Pink Shells – John Jenkins

The Beach of Pink Shells Lisette glanced at Everton lighthouse, a proud penis in the morning sun, erect on its headland above the small coastal town. Since the turn of 19th century it had flashed stroboscopic beacons out to sea. This local landmark, always circled by... read more

Beach – Sue Brennan

Beach I don’t know what to call it, what I’m looking at. A vast amount of water stretches out before me, far bigger than any of the great reservoirs and wider than any of the rivers that traverse our land. This goes beyond my sight, to my left and to my right. I can’t... read more

Arachne – Charlie Nash

  Before he served the carbon age, Tobias was a spy. That brief career began under the heavy hand of his uncle, who ran the Grim Maiden iron foundry on the banks of the Thames. Toby’s first job was shovelling coal into the feed chute for the Maiden’s... read more

Brave new world revisited – Martin Line

‘Good of you to come at such short notice John …’ ‘Skip the formalities Steven, what’s this about? Unless I’m mistaken, the war’s over – why did I have to swear an oath of secrecy to talk with you?’ ‘My apologies, but this is a national security issue. I recommended... read more

5% Oxygen – Dene Huntley

Gasp! Ah the air, my lungs! I think one of them has collapsed. It feels like one side of my chest has been dented! Where am I? Open your eyes Red! God that hurts, f*#k, what the hell is with this pain? Come on, open your eyes, Red! I’m not going to ask again,... read more

Daughter of Elysium – P Autio

A pale blue dummy bobs on the waves, slowly edging away from the shore. On the sand a child with its mouth open and arms flat beside it looks intently at its disappearing handiwork.  Further up the beach behind the child two adults observe, the taller of the two with... read more
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