The Wilderness, 30 years in the future we find Richter. A well off man haunted by the loss of his wife. But has she passed on, or gone missing? Could something have took her into the woods? Richter searches daily only to hear strange moans and shrieks coming from the darkness. Worried about his health, Richter’s business firm sends a companion Android to help him transition and get well. The Android starts to realize something is not right, and that something or someone is in the woods. Richter’s deterioration has left him quiet and un-trust worthy. The Android is alone with many unanswered questions. She takes it on herself to explore the woods and confront what is lurking there.

Directors: Jon Hyatt Glass, LA Catedral Writer/Producer: Jon Hyatt

Starring: Amy Wallace , Jon Hyatt , Eric Parris , Joe Costa , Lawrene Denkers

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