Logline: After speeding down an isolated Australian stretch of road in the hope of seeing the ghost of Lemon
Tree Passage, a malevolent force begins claiming a group of American backpackers one by one.

SYNOPSIS: When a group of young American backpackers learn of a ghost, which is said to appear in the rearview mirror of a speeding car they set out to experience it with the help of some locals.
After speeding down Lemon Tree Passage, a remote road surrounded by dense woods, their jubilation turns to terror as one by one each passenger begins to violently disappear.
Isolated and ten thousand miles from home, the tourists find themselves caught in the clutches of a malevolent force much more heinous than the local myth would have them believe.

BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS: Lemon Tree Passage was inspired by a YouTube video that went viral and captured the attention of the media in Australia and across the world. The video, shot from the back of a speeding car, shows a dancing light that is said to be the ghost of Lemon Tree Passage Road.

Is it real? Those who have seen it certainly think it is. And that’s the question that is explored in the story of Lemon Tree Passage.

About The Film:  Lemon Tree Passage is an supernatural thriller from Australian director David Campbell. This story-driven, suspense-filled film is in many ways reminiscent of the classic teen horrors of the
90’s, though Lemon Tree Passage trades blood and guts for raw emotion.

It explores many things that play on the minds of young people the world over; friendship, guilt, revenge and the fear inherent in the unknown. Lemon Tree Passage is funny when it’s light, and suspenseful when it’s dark and the two work together to deliver an otherworldly story of right and wrong.

Whilst this is very much an Australian production, its spread has been international. Principal photography took place on location in South Australia, with some additional material shot in Victoria. Post production has spanned the globe with talented visual effects artists, composers, sound designers in Adelaide, Melbourne, London and Los Angeles contributing to the film.

Much like the myth on which the film is based, Lemon Tree Passage is an unsettling ride through the world of the unexplained.

DIRECTOR, CO-WRITER & EDITOR:  David Campbell  PRODUCER:  Jeremy Ervine

CAST: Jessica Tovey, Tim Phillips,  Pippa Black,  Andy Ryan, Tim Pocock,  Nicholas Gunn

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