SciFi Film Festival is asking for Volunteers for their SciFi on the Street event who are willing to provide their time and efforts to help deliver the necessary behind-the-scenes action for the festival to be a success. Not everyone can be a Volunteer as there are certain criteria for who is accepted and particular roles for some Volunteers with particular skills or experience.

Are there benefits to being a Volunteer?

Actually, yes! The benefits include:

  • Free entry into the event
  • A Volunteer t-shirt and ID badge commemorating the event (conveniently doubles as a uniform!)
  • Having free lunch provided on the day of the event
  • Discount vouchers – outlets to be announced.
  • Being involved with an exciting community of buffs, enthusiasts and creatives
  • Experience informal training in the management of an event like this
  • Plus, the opportunity to explore the world of sci fi along the way

Any other questions?
Contact the SciFi on the Street Volunteer Coordinator via

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