Synopsis: In his words lies his heart. His characters trapped on the pages of his stories. It is a harsh reality that separates him from his dreams, when Abe discovers that he will fall victim to an irreversible illness. Confronted by his only daughter he makes the consequential decision to finally let her go. Forced to face his past, Abe’s life comes to a twisting end. Is it the final days of his reality or the start to his dreams?

Directors – Klayton Stainer Writers – Klayton Stainer, Zané Pyper, Michael A. Burstein Producers – Zané Pyper
Key Cast – Reg Gorman The Sullivans, Snowy River, The Cup -Tiffany Lyndall-Knight Battlestar Galactica, Red Dog, Chloe Cinematography – K Hanshen Sudderuddin Editor – Drew Moden Music Composer – Ben Coe Colorist – Nicholas Hower

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