Well, it’s about damned time. We’ve had almost three years of grim ‘n gritty Babs Gordon, but it looks like the people at DC Comics have finally come to their senses and (almost) given us what we’ve all been asking for… a Batgirl that doesn’t suck.

Okay, to be fair the last few years worth of Batgirl’s adventures have actually been quite good, but there was always something a little… off about the ‘New 52’ Barbara Gordon. Her sense of adventure and her never-ending zest for life (with that enviable ability to bounce back from anything that’s thrown at her) has been missing, but it looks like it’s all come back, along with a new costume and a new base of operations.

Kings Comics                  KIngs Comics

Y’see, everything Babs owns just went up in an enormous blaze and instead of pining for the fjords, she’s decided this is the perfect opportunity to move to the hipper-than-hip district of Burnside and rebuild Batgirl from the boots up. And from what we’ve seen, this new direction is going to be an absolute blast!

The new creative team of CAMERON STEWART (SEAGUY, BATMAN AND ROBIN), BRENDAN FLETCHER (WEDNESDAY COMICS) and rising star BABS TARR (STEED AND MRS. PEEL: WE’RE NEEDED) give one of the most beloved DC Comics characters a much-needed shot in the arm… and as we may have mentioned, it’s about damned time.

Via: Kings Comics, 310 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000


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