So it looks like Barry Allen will be joining Ollie Queen, John Constantine, and the cast of ‘Gotham’ on the small screen as the new CW ‘Flash’ television show kicks into high gear pretty soon. So of course we’re going to have to have ourselves a tie-in monthly comic book! Hey, it worked for ‘Smallville’, didn’t it? Not to mention several other television shows like ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘The X-Files’, and ‘Charmed’. And the list goes on. Well, now it’s the Scarlet Speedster’s turn, and this here all-new 32-page issue of digital-first stories takes us back to the beginning, and even a little bit before that (about nine months back to be precise), as Barry tries to balance his job as a police crime scene investigator, having a ridiculously massive crush on Iris West (who just happens to be his boss’ daughter), and his new life in the fast lane as central City’s guardian angel.

‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’ writer and producer ANDREW KREISBERG comes on board to pen this new ongoing series along with penciller PHIL HESTER (ANT-MAN, NIGHTWING) and variant cover artist FRANCIS MANAPUL, who recently had a pretty epic run on the main monthly ‘Flash’ comic book series. 

Via Kings Comics

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