“Orphan Black” cast and show runner John Fawcett spilled a lot of juicy details about the third season of “Orphan Black” at the recently concluded San Diego Comic Con. Co-creator John Fawcett also hinted that Helena’s lover may come back next season.

Inside Pulse cited Fawcett who said that one of his favorite scenes last season was when Helena found romance with a tow truck driver played by Patrick J. Adams. This hinted that the creator may have plans to bring back his character.

This is fueled by fellow cast Kristian Bruun who said that he ran into Adams at a Toronto restaurant and the actor has said that he welcomes the opportunity to make a return appearance. Patrick J. Adams also appeared in SUITS.

At the panel, Fawcett revealed that show runners originally planned to kill off Mark in the sixth episode of the second season, but decided against it. Mark is claimed to play a major role in the third season.

Meanwhile, the third season of “Orphan Black” is reported to come back on air in the spring of 2015. Moreover, the filming of the next season just started and spoilers will surely start to emerge.

Renewing the show for another season by BBC is not surprising after the successful run of the first and second season of the series. Moreover, the series proved to be one of the most successful series in television and has garnered international awards. According to reports, 10 episodes have been confirmed so far and Tatiana Maslany will still play the main character with multiple clones.

Main protagonist of the show, Tatiana Maslany, got a Golden Globe nomination and honors from the Critics’ Choice TV Awards, TCA Awards and Canadian Screen Awards. Thus, it is not surprising that producers opted for another season of the series.

Via: christiantoday

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