Independent Melbourne-based filmmaker, Joshua Hoareau film ‘Arrival’ took out major awards, including Best Film, at the first ever Project SciFi Film Festival contest.

“Being able to make a Sci Fi film has always been one of my goals,” says Joshua Hoareau, “This competition was great, in that it forced and challenged all us filmmakers, to create a sci-fi film, on a very small budget!”

The inaugural Project Sci-Fi short film contest gave independent filmmakers, animators, machinimatographers the opportunity to create a short film in just 28 days. For the winners, there was $10,000 in cash and prizes on offer, with a first prize of $3,000.

Mr Hoareau said: “This competition pushed me further to write and direct a world, not reliant on huge visual effects and set designs, but rather concentrate on a unique idea, and likeable characters.”

Hollywood producer of ‘2 Guns’ and co-creator of the record-breaking SyFy TV show ‘Eureka’, Andrew Cosby, headed the judging panel.

“I really loved this short film and think it could easily be expanded into something really commercial and compelling.” said Andrew Cosby. “Joshua, found that perfect balance of concept and character… Nicely done.”

A total of $10,000 cash and prizes was awarded to Filmmakers, Animators and Machinimatographers across 18 categories. Of these, Joshua Hoareau picked up Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Editing. Among the other prizes was the Best Machinima award which went to ‘The Residents’ by Tutsy Navarathna, and the Best Promo going to Adam Webb from Team Rabriate.

Mr Hoareau added, “I loved the fact that there were separate awards for actors, directors, etc.. it can only get bigger and better from here!”

Plans by the organisers, SciFi Film Festival, are already underway for an even “bigger and better” event in 2014. So it is over and out from for now. Live long and Prosper. Watch this space!

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