To start off with a bang, for our inaugural SciFi Film Festival, we were so lucky to secure the interest and attention of the Hollywood filmmaker, Andrew Cosby, lead our Jury Panel.

Andrew, is an American comic book creator, film producer, screenwriter, and most notably the co-creator of the hit SyFy TV series Eureka. He co-founded Boom! Studios.Cosby co-created the UPN horror series Haunted and is the co-creator of the record-breaking Syfy TV show Eureka. Cosby is in active development on a number of new television and film ventures, including a reinvention of the classic HBO series Tales from the Crypt, an ultra-violent Viking show with Omni Film Productions in Canada, the sci-fi police procedural Variant.


SFF: How you feel about judging the SciFi Film Festival?

A: You know how awards nominees always says it’s just an honor to be asked? That’s me, thrilled and honoured to be part of SciFi Film Festival. As a lifelong lover of all things science fiction, I can’t wait to see what this year’s crop of filmmakers has to offer. If you share my love of the genre, please don’t hesitate to sign up and take part in this amazing event. The world needs more sci-fi!

SFF: What you are expecting from filmmakers?

A: More than anything, I want to be surprised. Somewhere out there, someone is getting ready to submit a project that will absolutely blow my mind. And that’s exactly what I’m expecting. Make me laugh, make me cry, but most of all, make me go, “Damn! I wish I’d thought of that!”

SFF: What is the most important thing that filmmakers should be thinking/focus about?

A: The key to good science fiction isn’t just talking about the future, aliens, spaceships or advanced technology — it simply uses these things as allegory for the human condition.Great movies are always about great characters. Everything else is just trappings. Focus on making your characters three-dimensional and compelling. After all, the most original storyline in the world is still only as good as the characters that inhabit it.
Arthur C. Clark famously said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” The same can be said for great science fiction. When done right, it is positively magical.

SFF: A word about where the short film industry, especially Sci Fi, is headed,

A: Much like the world around us, the motion picture industry is changing. With the advent of social media and rapidly evolving entertainment distribution systems, it’s now more important than ever that creators find a way to not only reach their audience, but to grab them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Shorts are a great way to do that. And sci-fi is the perfect genre, with its mix of new ideas, fringe storytelling and interesting visuals.


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